$75 Monthly Membership

​Boxing is a great workout that requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, and ultimate mental toughness. At Ace of Spades Boxing, we have beginner to advance boxing instruction.
Beginners will learn basic boxing techniques such as: proper stance, footwork, basic punches and defense.
Intermediate and advance students will build upon the basic skills and learn advance footwork, stances, combination and defense techniques that will develop the individual into a well-trained fighter in the ring. 

Youth Boxing - aGES 8 - 17

$65 Monthly Membership

At Ace of Spades, youth will learn self-defense, self-confidence and discipline while having fun in a safe group environment. Designed for children ages 6-17, this program has brought children from beginner level to USA Amateur Boxing fights. Our kids program is a great way to build character, responsibility, and self-control. Kids will learn these core values while strengthening both mind and body. If your child already participates in other sports, the boxing program is a great way to cross-train, or remain active during the off-season. Whether getting in shape or staying active and burning off some energy is your main focus for your child, the transformation in a child's health, confidence, and fitness from the kid's classes is undeniable. See how your child can have the agility, control, and will power of a boxer.


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